Using VNC with Maxwell Pro

If you wish to use the Maxwell Pro Graphical User Interface from another system on the network, you will need to SSH into Maxwell Pro from the remote system, and start the VNC server on Maxwell Pro (the command is bin/startvncserver). Then, from your remote system, use the VNC viewer to login to Maxwell Pro. Wait 90 seconds and you will see the Maxwell Pro Graphical User Interface on your remote system. If the Maxwell Pro Network Emulator does not start automatically, then single click on the Maxwell Pro application in the top left of the window.

Here are the details:

You should NOT be logged into the graphical desktop as user "maxwell"

It is anticipated that VNC users will not have access to a locally attached keyboard/video/mouse on Maxwell Pro, and that they will initally reach the Max Pro unit via a network login method, such as SSH.

  1. Make sure that you are not logged in as "maxwell" to the Max Pro machines locally attached video.

  2. From the system where you will ultimately run the VNC client/viewer, use SSH to login to Maxwell Pro to access the command-line login prompt on the Max Pro.

    Alternatively you can use the Max Pro itself and bypass the graphical login by pressing the keys: CTRL ALT F3 at the same time. NOTE: There should be command line desktops under many of the CTRL ALT FX views, where X takes on the value of 2, 3, or 4.

    CTRL ALT F1 should bring you back to the graphical one.

  3. When you get a command line login prompt login as user "maxwell" (password usually "maxwell") That should give you a shell prompt.

  4. Make sure no previous Maxwell processes are executing by typing at the command prompt:


  5. In the bin directory run the shell script "startvncserver"

  6. The startvncserver script will terminate instances of previous VNC servers and ask you to enter a password to be used when you start the VNC client. Remember that password, you will need it later.

    The script may ask some other questions; just skip by pressing the enter key.

    Note the desktop number. It's usually 1. It is seen as a number after a colon.

    It may be useful to use ifconfig to note the IP address of the Max Pro machine.

  7. Once the VNC server starts on Maxwell Pro, you will use the VNC viewer (client) on your system to connect to the VNC server on Maxwell Pro. The VNC viewer will prompt you to enter the name or IP address of the Max Pro box and the desktop number, typically 1, that you saw when you started the VNC server.

  8. The VNC viewer will prompt you for the password you specified when you ran the startvncserver script.

    At this point you should see the Max Pro desktop with the Maxwell Pro windows, open up for use.

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