Maxwell Pro Release Notes

Release Notes Release 2019b

Date: 2019-04-04

(1) The following changes were made that affect TCP/IP protocol testing:

(1.1) The "Edit Scenario Descriptors" dialog window was not getting displayed due to a bug introduced in release 2019a.

(1.2) Test case IPv4.ICMP.013 sends an echo request, if Maxwell does not receive an echo reply the test result was incorrectly marked as "PASS: Received well-formed IPv4 Record Route ...". It should have issued 'Fail' instead.

(1.3) Test case TCP.Setup.047 was generating a test report that appears to be duplicated results.

(1.4) Changed to assume a TLS echo server is used on DUT so that a pass or fail grade can be issed for test TLS.DataXfer.004.

(1.5) Test IPv4.ARP.023, IPv4.ARP.024 and IPv4.ARP.025 may report non-deterministic results depending the time they are invoked. This is caused by some timing issues between updating ARP cache with the test value and the normal value.

(1.6) Added the missing UDP.Other.000 sanity check test as all other groups

(1.7) Added support to run tests via Protocol Test Environment (PTE) Web interface.

(1.8) Enforcing the rule that requires the maxtap and Maxwell management address to either sit on different subnets or for the maxtap to employ a single subnet address (/32 for IPv4 or /128 for IPv6). Otherwise the Maxwell management port can become inaccessible while running TCP/IP tests, due to changes in assigning route metric in NetworkManger on Fedora28.

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