SNMP Advisory Board

The number one consideration for a test suite is accuracy and correctness.

  • How do you know the tests are correct?
  • How do you know the tests are accurate?
  • Who is making these determinations?

SilverCreek's tests are suggested, checked, and verified by our SNMP Advisory Board. This group of industry experts with both operational and network protocol experience, is our first resort when differences of opinion arise among the implementors and/or their customers. There's no fingerpointing or "blame games" with SilverCreek. IWL stands behind our SNMP tests and respects the Advisory Board's rulings and determinations.

Meet the Advisory Board:

IWL has made significant contributions to advancing the quality and usability of SNMP implementations world wide. IWL is at the forefront of SNMP testing.

- Dave Perkins, Author, Understanding MIBs

  • IETF Editor: Control and Provisioning of Wireless Access Points MIB
  • IETF Editor: RFC 4268 Entity State MIB.
  • IETF Editor: RFC 3878 Alarm Reporting Control MIB
  • IETF Editor: RFC 2580 Conformance Statements for SMIv2
  • IETF Editor: RFC 2579 Textual Conventions for SMIv2
  • IETF Editor: RFC 2578 SMIv2

IWL has introduced discipline and process to the complex world of network management testing. Their contributions to interoperability testing and the SilverCreek SNMP Test Suite have made them a valuable part of the quality control process of many device manufacturers.

- Dr. Jeff Case, Founder, SNMP Research

It's been a privilege to serve on the IWL Advisory Board. IWL has a clear commitment to helping developers improve implementation quality by providing accurate and useful test results, and we're proud to help by clarifying SNMP and associated MIB RFCs when questions or ambiguities arise.

- Randy Presuhn, Industry Consultant

  • IETF Co-Editor: RFC 3411 An Architecture for Describing SNMP Management Frameworks
  • IETF Co-Editor: RFC 3415 View-based Access Control Model for SNMP
  • IETF Co-Editor: RFC 3416 Version 2 of the Protocol Operations for SNMP
  • IETF Co-Editor: RFC 3417 Transport Mappings for SNMP
  • IETF Co-Editor: RFC 3418 Management Information Base for SNMP

IWL has been instrumental in contributing to the SNMP Community through its test events and test suites. Their work has enabled many developers and implementors to improve the quality of their SNMP and RMON MIB implementations.

- Steve Waldbusser, Consultant, NextBeacon

  • Author, RFC 2819 "Remote Network Monitoring Management Information Base"
  • Co-author, RFC 1901 "Introduction to Community-based SNMPv2"
  • Author, RFC 4502 "Remote Network Monitoring Management Information Base Version 2"
  • Co-author, RFC 3577 "Introduction to the Remote Monitoring (RMON) Family of MIB Modules"
  • Co-author, RFC 4011 "Policy Based management MIB"
  • Co-author, RFC 1441 "Introduction to version 2 of the Internet-standard Network Management Framework"
  • Co-author, RFC 1908 "Coexistence between Version 1 and Version 2 of the Internet-standard Network Management Framework"
  • Co-author, RFC 1450 "Management Information Base for version 2 of the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMPv2)

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