Network Emulation

Network emulators recreate the adverse network conditions found on today's Internet, in your lab, so you can systematically and deterministically step through every possible problematic network condition that your app is likely to face.

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Why do I need a network emulator?

The Internet is not perfect; it fails a lot. This has adverse consequences for your product, ranging from sluggishness to a catastrophic crash. Users are likely to move on to a more reliable product, and your reputation will suffer.

Before you deploy your app or device, do you know how it will respond to all network conditions?

Executive Overview

What about free solutions?

  • Requires "Domain Expertise" - senior, experienced network engineer must determine appropriate values for emulating key environments -- mobile, WAN, cloud, satellite
  • Difficult to use - limited graphical interface, lack of documentation or online help
  • Implementation, updates, bug fixes and support not available - you are on your own or you can use non-authoritative message boards
  • Inaccurate and incomplete impairments - lack of calibration generates incorrect results, limited functionality for corruption, limited options for rate limiting

Our Solution vs Freeware

How Our Network Emulator Fits In

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